booletes christmas gift folder

Good news!

To celebrate 5.000 visits in three weeks (it’s unbelievable, awesom, incredible…) in my blog Booletes, I decided to share with all of you this fantastic gift!

Are you looking for an original gift for this Christmas dates?

If your mother or grandma knows how to crochet, here you have a perfect gift! Some free patterns!

Just click on the image of snowman pattern and you will be able to download the hole pdf archive. Then Save it!

Print or mail the pdf  page and fold it! Put a lace on it…and..taa taan!! Super gift! 3 free crochet pattern!

Christmas Angel
Santa claus

Have fun family!



  1. Wow… what a super great idea from a super nice person just like you!!!
    You are super kind and super generous!!!
    I wish you all the best and happiness for everything you have been sharing.
    God bless you and your family…

    Sincerely with love.
    Nicky ♡♡♡

    • Thank you Nicky! I thing that in this little amigurumi world there are a lot of people that love sharing ! It’s a pleasure receiving this feedback! Thanks to you my blog is possible! ♡
      Warm regards!

    • Hi sandy! These are good news! I always crochet with num. 3 and not very thick yarn… if you choose a small crochet and yarn the snowman will be little…if you prefere something bigger then change crochet num and yarn.
      Have fun and tell me if the pattern is easy to follow and if is all ok!
      Warm regards and happy christmas !

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